Florida Keys Blessing Stone Ceremony

Like many contemporary traditions, the blessing stone ceremony can be incorporated into your wedding or reception in the way that you feel is most appropriate and meaningful for your special day. Many beach wedding packages include, or will include, blessing stones for a nominal charge. There are many different ways blessing stones can be used.

Blessing stones for a beach wedding ceremony can be highly appropriate and special when used during the official marriage ceremony in a unique way. Each guest may hold a blessing stone and say a silent prayer or wish for the couple. The bride and groom may also share a blessing for one another.

Couples may choose to showcase a special stone and recite a blessing for their guests, families, or as a way to remember loved ones who have passed on. Blessing stones can also be a unique way to involve children in second marriages. The bride and groom can each say a special blessing for the children and place stones together to represent their unity; if children are old enough and at ease with the marriage, they may offer a blessing for the changing family as well.

The tradition of throwing rice is a well-known tradition dating back to the middle ages or earlier when guests would shower the new couple with the grain. The significance behind this act is that the rice shower represented abundance, fertility, or prosperity for the new couple. Guests, therefore, were dousing the couple with warm wishes for their future.

For a beach wedding, blessing stones offer the same chance for couples to offer well wishes to the couple, while borrowing a unique twist that fits perfectly with a beach wedding location.

Tossing the blessing stones at a beach wedding echoes the gesture of throwing rice. At some point, during the wedding ceremony or just after the ceremony, request that all of the guest gather along the shore and toss their stones into the water with a blessing, wish, or prayer for the new couple.

Blessing stones can be the perfect beach wedding favors. Blessing stones are available in many colors and may be etched with simple words and phrases that offer a special blessing to each guest from the couple. Couples can also personalize their own blessings for guests and attach them to the stones.

Stones can also serve as a paper weight for place cards and setting décor. Attach simple cards to the stones and have each guest write a special blessing, wish, or piece of newlywed advice and leave the cards at the gift or sign in table.