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If you’re still looking for a Key West Wedding Photographer, Southernmost Weddings has only the best Wedding Photographers on staff.

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Florida Keys Wedding Photographer

Our Key West Wedding Photographers will use a blend of different techniques to capture your Florida Keys Destination Wedding. Their bold & edgy vision will be used along with a Photojournalist style.  (The photos capture the moments exactly as they happened, and together they tell a story).  We will also mix in some Portrait Photography & Fine Art photography to capture this very special day through the lens of our state-of-the-art digital cameras. Along with the incredible Florida Keys wedding photography we do, comes our own special blend of photo editing, like black-and-white, sepia, and color enhancements.

Key West Wedding Photography by Southernmost Weddings


 If there is a special style you love, make sure you let your Key West Wedding photographer know.

Wedding Photography by Southernmost Weddings 

Ideally, you will want your Key West Wedding Photographer to be there for your full wedding day: from when you start getting ready until after you make your grand exit from the reception. While wedding photography packages vary, Southernmost Weddings has you covered. No matter how much coverage you need. (1 hour, 4 hours, or about 6 to 12 hours) We can do everything from pre-ceremony events (getting ready with your bridesmaids or first-look photos) to the end of the reception. It's usually better to pay for more coverage if there's a chance you'll run over, then you will want your photographer there until the end. 

Key West Wedding Photography by Southernmost Weddings 

After we get the images back from your Key West Wedding photographer they go to our editing department. It usually takes at least a month to get all the images edited & sent to you.  Why? Your Key West Wedding photographer is shooting in a raw file format.  This takes a longer time to upload, process, and edit all those files. It varies, but Southernmost Weddings editing department can spend an additional 4 to 5 hours of special editing for every hour of shooting. So, it can take up to a Month, or longer, depending on the photographer, how busy we are, & how big your Key West Wedding is.

Key West Wedding Photography by Southernmost Weddings 


Southernmost Weddings is your affordable Wedding Planning and Photography Company in Key West. We are a group of wedding planners dedicated to creating the wedding of your dreams, and wedding photographers who will capture beautiful photographic images of your wedding, your engagement, or your family photo session. Years from now when the memories fade, our images will still be there a timeless reminder of your special event. Our wedding planning department has variety of Tropical Garden Wedding Packages, Sandy Beach Wedding Packages, & Sunset Sailboat Wedding Packages to fit any budget. Southernmost Weddings does not discriminate and are proud to serve any gay or lesbian couple that wishes to get married in Key West or the Florida Keys. All of our wedding packages can be hand crafted to make you your own special destination wedding. We also offer some of the most affordable rates from local wedding photographers who can capture that special moment in time with a FamilyMaternity, Children's, Senior's, Couples, Anniversary, Engagement, or Proposal Photography Session. Southernmost Weddings Key West is the best Wedding Planning and Photography Company in the Southernmost City of the United States!