Key West Tropical Bouquets Ideas

Simple wedding bouquets are sophisticated, elegant, and affordable. By carefully choosing just the right simple design – even if it isn’t flowers at all – a bride can create a beautiful accessory to highlight her special day.

Fresh floral bridal bouquets are exquisite, and brides who opt for fresh flowers won’t be disappointed with the outstanding color, scent, and luxury of their bouquet.

Fresh flowers smell amazing. They are almost irreplaceable when it comes to the beautiful scent wafting up from your bridal bouquet. The flowers in the bridal bouquet are arguably more enchanting when they’re fresh. You can preserve them later to conserve your wedding day memories. One of the things you can do to preserve your wedding day memories is preserve your fresh floral bridal bouquet via air drying, silica gel, pressing, and freeze drying.


The bouquet should not be too large to hold. In fact, the bouquet should complement the bouquet holder. The best way to determine the specific size of the bouquet is to look in the mirror while you are wearing your wedding dress to determine the exact shape and size that best fits your desires, dress, and body shape.

The flowers you choose should complement the dress and specifically the design of the dress. The flowers should also work well with your height and body shape. For instance, petite brides should have petite bridal bouquets, and tall brides should have taller bouquets. The shape of the bouquet should be proportional to the body shape of the bride.

When deciding on the specific type of flowers you want in your bouquet, it is very important to keep in mind the location where you will be having the wedding. You may find that the flowers you want will not be in season, or will not look as great as you want them, or will not compliment the location and setting. You want the flowers to work wonderfully with the ambiance and actually compliment the setting and location of the wedding.

Tossing the Bouquet

A bridal bouquet can be very heavy, and many brides actually have two bouquets. One bouquet is for the bride, and the other is designed specifically for the purpose of tossing the bouquet. This also allows you to keep the original bouquet as a memento if desired.

There are many different ways to create simple but beautiful wedding bouquets. Popular options include:

  • A single bloom or very few blooms, perhaps of a larger type of flower or a more elaborate species that will be highlighted by the simplicity of the arrangement
  • A bouquet made up of one type of flower instead of multiple types of coordinating blooms
  • A basic nosegay design rather than elaborate cascades
  • Exposed stems on a basic bouquet to add texture and depth to the design
  • Adding inexpensive, easily attainable baby’s breath, ferns, or greenery to a simple design
  • Opting for a "toss bouquet” design that is typically lighter and less expensive than larger bouquets
  • Tying the bouquet with satin ribbon, either white to match the bride or colored to match the bridal party dresses
  • Using different flowers that have similar colors to create a monochrome design with rich texture
  • Choosing non-floral arrangements, such as silk wedding flowers or origami flowers instead of real blooms

Simple Bouquet Alternatives:

There are many beautiful alternatives to carrying a bouquet that add simple elegance to the wedding ceremony, including:
  • Wearing a fur muff for a winter wedding
  • Carrying a candle or lantern, especially for an evening or nighttime ceremony
  • Simple doesn’t have to be small.
  • Carrying a prayer book, hymnal, or Bible
  • Linking arms with the escort and not carrying any flowers at all
  • Wearing a wrist corsage that can be displayed throughout the reception as the full bouquet cannot
  • Carrying a parasol or fan for a summer or garden wedding
  • Carrying a cookie bouquet that may later be broken down as wedding favors
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