Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

Southernmost Weddings Inclement Weather Policy

This policy does not apply to our Cruise Ship clients

Every outdoor wedding event, at some point in time, is at the risk of being impacted by inclement weather. Because of the nature of our business, being primarily a beach destination venue, we understand the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. Hand in hand with preparation, our chief concern rests with the safety of our clients, their guests and our Southernmost Weddings staff and equipment.

After years of anticipating and responding to a variety of weather-related issues, we have put an inclement weather company policy in place that, across the board, provides a reasonable resolution for all parties concerned. We rely on the most up to date national weather forecasting data, as well as reports from several surrounding communication facilities right here in the Keys. We always err on the side of safety, by never trying to outguess an approaching storm. In the Keys, there are also pop up storms that are not detected by radar.

We strongly suggest you purchase "wedding insurance” to cover any expenses relating to the postponement of your wedding.

If your wedding will be affected by an imminent weather event, please note that the following policies will be implemented at once:

  • You will be offered the option to reschedule to a date and/or timeline when Southernmost Weddings and its vendors can retain the full package options of your original contract.
  • If you do not have the flexibility to extend your stay for rescheduling, your original contract will be forfeited, WITHOUT REFUND of any deposits or final payments.
  • If you prefer to move forward with the ceremony at the contracted date and time, and YOU can arrange through your hotel, guest house, rental house or reception site to allow an "officiate only” ceremony indoors on the premises, we will accommodate that request.
  • We will not provide any type of set up or décor indoors, or on their premises.
  • In the event of a mandatory evacuation due to a hurricane, you will have the option of rescheduling your event with no penalty, except for incidentals such as cake and flowers if they have already been prepared. We strongly suggest that you purchase "Wedding Insurance” to cover any expenses incurred due to postponement of your wedding.

Since the provisions of this policy are limited, please consider the following suggestions as a more proactive approach to making your wedding day less stressful:

  • Do not book your wedding on a date immediately preceding your family and guests’ departure.
  • Booking your event in the middle of your stay provides more flexibility for everyone.
  • Check when booking your hotel, guesthouse, rental house or reception site to determine if they will allow an indoor inclement weather "officiate only” ceremony on the premises.
  • Be prepared to make an immediate decision regarding your choices. Talk over the possibility of inclement weather before you arrive at your destination to eliminate unforeseen disagreements. Be ready to commit to your decision.

Cruise ship clients: Please read!

Because you are only here "in port” for a few hours, we do make alternative plans for your wedding. You WILL leave Key West married! However….in regard to any and all beach decorations and set ups, we are not allowed to do set ups at alternate locations. You will have to forfeit those items if it rains and we must move to an alternative location as well. There will be no refunds for decor in this scenario. In addition, our vendors will not work in the rain or get their equipment wet.