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Most Brides Want To Take Unique Pre Wedding Photos

10/05/2022| Southernmost Weddings

Pre-Wedding Bridal Photography for the Florida Keys 

From the start of your day our wedding photographers will capture every moment of this special day, dresses being fastened, hair teased, make-up being applied. Every bride deserves the best for her wedding day. Especially when it comes to photography coverage, and it is very important to us, to make these images the absolute best possible.

It goes without saying that you must know your camera if you would like to capture awesome bridal portraits. However, it is just as important for you to know your bride. Know what she likes about herself and which parts of her wedding day ensemble are most important. Let her know that she is not just another photograph for you but a unique personality and a unique image. 

There will always be things happening – hair is teased, make-up applied or checked, bridesmaids arrive, mum arrives, flowers delivered – the list goes on and on but in a logical progression, everything is building to getting the dress on and going to the ceremony.

Preparation shots fall into a couple of categories for me: detail and scene-setting. Also, the situation in general: How busy is the room? Who is around? How many things are happening at the same time? What’s the scene that the bride will remember? Are there any moments when people walk in and see the bride for the first time?(When parents walk in and see their daughter for the first time on her wedding day emotions run really high and there are only a few moments to capture this – I step back so as not to be part of it but capture the scene in a wide and with some close ups).


Key West & the Florida Keys Pre-Wedding Bridal Photography Session

•  45 minutes to an Hour of Professional Bridal Photography, before your wedding, at your Key West Hotel or Florida Keys Guesthouse.
•  Approximately 75 Professionally Edited Full-Size Images.
•  Images Delivered by E-mail, & downloaded directly to your computer.
•  Photo Release form allowing you to make your own prints anywhere.
•  Travel Charges may apply to certain locations.
•  For this special call (305) 900 8500

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All Inclusive Wedding Packages and Affordable Wedding Photography for Key West, Florida & the Florida Keys.


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